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ENGLISH 桥本有菜三上悠亚新片"Then, master Calverley, although, as I have said before, it is to revenge myself, you must tell the baron that the king must not expect to have my assistance in betraying the Commons without paying for it."

Lucy, glad to escape from the gaze of the galleyman, and also pleased at an opportunity of showing kindness to an old acquaintance, instantly arose, promising to return in a few minutes with some ale."Yes, instantly. You shall know the business in less than half an hour."

"He shall be given up," repeated the monk; and then, clasping his hands upon his bosom, he descended the steps, strode through the hall, and, in less than a minute, re-appeared, leading in Margaret and the child, and followed by the galleyman."Not so fast, Master Calverley. Did you ever send in the direction of Dean Forest?"



"His life is spared till after the conference," said the treasurer; "his freedom depends upon the disbanding of the Essex men."

"Retire," said Sudbury; "we shall consider the matter.""And will you allow Stephen Holgrave, who has tarried a willing prisoner"

"My good man," said the lady, preventing the interruption she saw De Boteler was about to make"my good man, my lord was informed that you were privy to the bondman's flight; and if you were so far (as you considered) his friend, I commend your prudent reservebut I pledge my word that no harm is intended him: and if he clears his conduct to my lord's satisfaction, his condition may be better than it has ever yet been"

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"By the authority of the Baron de Boteler," replied Calverley, as the monk fixed his eyes sternly upon him.

"Butremember!" added John Ball, impressively, and, rising from his seat, as did all who were assembled; "that ye do not slay except in self-defence; and that, above all things, ye hold sacred the Lord's anointed. And may He," elevating his eyes and hands, "who inspired the thoughtbless the deed! The first hour of the sabbath-morn has just struck,let us not trespass farther on the holy day.Depart in peace."

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